Knee Length SnapSkirt [Silk Dot]

Knee Length SnapSkirt [Silk Dot]

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If we could have bought an unlimited supply of this incredible brushed silk we would have!  It feels as amazing as it looks.  Sturdy, soft, beautiful movement; everything is lovely about this fabric.  And fabricated into our most popular length SnapSkirt makes it an instant classic for your wardrobe.  3-season minimum although I'd venture to say because it's silk you can wear it year round.  Pair it with brown boots in fall/winter and go nautical in the summer. 

Knee Length: 21"

O/S (2-12 or 25-32" waist)

Our Snap Skirts are adjustable wrap skirts but unlike other more traditional wrap skirts we use a stable snap element to secure the waistband and eliminate the need for constant readjustments while being worn.  Wrap skirts are wonderful for their versatility but without a stable closure they often wind up looking bunched up or sloppy throughout the day.  Not with a Snap Skirt!  Once you secure it closed it stays put all day long.  Great for fluctuating waistlines our Snap Skirts easily accommodate for both changes in weight and changes in style.  Snap it high for a nipped in silhouette or low for more casual, bohemian look.  Perfect for pregnancy the Snap Skirt can grow with you through the second trimester easily snapping beneath your belly and then transitioning back after giving birth.

Each Snap Skirt is made by hand in our Brooklyn studio and in limited fabric runs making for a truly unique piece of clothing for your wardrobe.  It comes in two sizes: XS-L and L-XL and 4 lengths.