Who in the world are these people???

I mean seriously we ask ourselves that all the time.  To make a VERY long story short: Flirt was opened in 2000 as a way to make a living while exploring the interests which initially brought us to NYC. The three of us, a dancer (Patti), an actress (Heather), and a singer/songwriter (myself, Seryn and yes that's really what we called ourselves in the late 90's) wanted Flirt to be a place for women like us: creative, individualistic, unpredictable, and up for anything! Happily we found that in the Brooklyn communities we lived in. The feeling our customers have about Flirt is our greatest accomplishment in the 15+ years we've been in business.

Flirt is about more than just shopping. There is a story to almost every item in the shop and we can tell you all about it.  It's about a unique way of thinking about clothing, fashion, what you wear, and how you wear it.  Everyone who works at Flirt is excited to show you all the beautiful and unique things we have on our racks and shelves so don't be afraid to ask questions!  We love to let you know about who made it, how it was made, and why we chose it. 

At Flirt not only can you shop for beautiful dresses made by in-house and local designers but YOU can design and order your own skirt, buy a one of a kind piece of jewelry, or find the perfect little present for your bestie!  Everything on our racks is made by or chosen by us.  This personal attention to every aspect of the shop makes for a unique shopping experience that keeps people coming back again and again  Additionally we've expanded our online presence to include as much of our brick and mortar inventory as we can to be available for purchase on our website.  So no matter where you may wind up you can always have a little bit of Brooklyn with you.

And now with our Sewing Studio you can take the inspiration you find at Flirt one step further and try your hand at your own designs. Check out our sewing workshops, private lessons, after school programs and special creative events.  

So come visit us in our shop or online.  We hope Flirt inspires you the way it inspires us! And we hope to see you all on the streets of Brooklyn soon!

The Ladies of Flirt: Seryn Potter, Patti Gilstrap and Heather Falcone