New Classes And A Little Update

  Hi Guys!!!Happy Ladies!

First of all to all of you who have stopped by, emailed, sent us notes, stopped us on the street and otherwise expressed how much you miss our shop we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!  There were parts of it that were tough, for sure, and we miss seeing everyone on a regular basis BUT it has also been a complete and utter relief to have made that hard won decision about what we really wanted our business to be AND to be about.  This year has been one of tying up loose ends, making a lot of lists, writing and re-writing plans and otherwise attempting to get at the heart of what we want Flirt to evolve into.  Patti and I are still at it and don't plan to stop so you can expect a lot of updates here along with sewing tutorials, free giveaways, new products (!!!!) and class announcements along with pop-up studio sales!  Again thank you for all the support you have offered during this time.  It is truly appreciated!  We've loved being a part of this community for all of these years and are excited to continue bringing handmade and custom made goodness into the world and online.

So NOW onto what I really slid into your inbox to say!

New Sewing Classes
We've got 2 NEW beginner classes and 1 NEW intermediate class that are ready for booking now through the end of August!  Both of the beginner classes are perfect for KIDS AND ADULTS!  You could even take them together!  The INTERMEDIATE class is good for anyone who has taken classes before and is ready to take their skills to the next level.  The beginner classes can be completed in ONE HOUR and the intermediate is just an hour and a half. We have everything so just bring yourselves!  Come with a group of 2 OR MORE and you will receive a discount.  The more people (up to 6 max) the bigger the discount so make it a party (a small party but still a party)!  If you are ready to get your stitch on then click HERE!


We are currently taking on custom work so please SPREAD THE WORD to anyone you know looking for sewing-related services (we know you know some creative and amazing people!).  We are available for product consultation and sample making as well as small-run production and custom design.  So far this year we've worked with a bag company, a cloth diapering company, a puppet company and a bad-ass rock star who went on a European tour and tore her dress to shreds on stage (true story-we've got pictures!)  So come at us with ideas!  We're ready and excited to hear about it!
We're excited to be back to our blog!  You'll be hearing plenty from us!
Seryn and Patti

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