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Personal Style - Using the Past as a Mirror

Today's blog post is being written by founding member of Flirt Brooklyn Heather Falcone!! She will be appearing as a regular contributor to our blog focusing on interior design, personal style and all things vintage!


Recently my Great Uncle passed away at 93.  Perusing family photos I was struck again and again by how beautifully people dressed in the past.  Our family comes from a working class background in England and in the post-war era probably each individual did not own more than 3 or 4 outfits.  Yet in every single photo I have of them they look like movie stars.

This makes me wonder why today when people of every socio-economic bracket have closets full of clothes they very rarely look well-dressed?  Will our future grand kids look at our photos and be captivated by the images they see?  I'd say it's doubtful.

So often now people dress for comfort in what has become a uniform of jeans, t -shirts and sneakers.  Or black leggings and a black top.  I often look around and wonder to myself, "What drives these choices?"

When you pick clothes to buy and wear what thoughts do you have at the forefront of your mind?  Is it what is on trend?  What will be flattering? What will be comfortable?  Do you choose what strikes your eye?  What you find most beautiful?  Or do you go for what seems safe?

When we were thinking about a name for the store (lo these many years ago) we settled on Flirt for several reasons.  But one of the most important reasons was the concept of flirting with something new.  Flirtation is exciting, a bit daring, a little adventurous.  That's what fashion should be.  We wanted to encourage women to be a bit risk taking and adventurous with their clothes.  And this goes hand in hand with the question of why we choose the clothes we choose.

If black is your favorite color by all means you should wear it.  But if it isn't your favorite color then why are you wearing it? Traditionally its the color of mourning and Puritans yet it has become the dominant color of our uniform today.  Again I'm not saying you shouldn't ever wear black but if you also love color and pattern then why don't you wear it?  

And Jeans.  Do you find them to be the most comfortable sort of pants?  Or the most flattering?  If so then by all means wear them!  I, myself, don't wear jeans - I happen to think jeans are very uncomfortable.  I wonder if you were trying on a black pair of trousers and they had the same thickness and tautness as denim would you like them?  Or if they were intended to be worn absolutely fitted to your legs would you find them comfortable? We just accept these things about jeans without thinking because that is the status quo but is it really what you want to put on your body?  

How about sneakers?  Do you think they are pretty?  Flattering to the foot?  Make you look graceful?  If you aren't exercising, running around after kids, or cleaning the house why do you need to wear them?  Again if you love the way they look by all means wear them but might there be an option that is just as comfortable but a bit more stylish?

I'm not opposed to the color black, jeans or sneakers.  I'm saying that perhaps we wear this uniform without thinking about whether we love these things.    

Why not flirt with something new?  What's your favorite color?  What fashion images do you resonate to?  Do you love feminine and dreamy?  Do you love tailored and sharp? Even if comfort is your number one priority you ideally should be picking clothes because there is a way in which they reflect your aesthetic.  

More now than ever, in an age where people are constantly snapping and sharing images, every day is a chance to go out and be part of the scenery of our era.  I'm asking this: how will you look to future generations?  

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