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The Beginning

Flirt was first opened by Patti Gilstrap, Heather Falcone, and Seryn Potter on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn in the summer of 2000. The Flirt label was originally a small collection designed and handmade in Brooklyn.  But there are many wonderful and talented designers wandering the streets of NYC and as time passed these talented designers walked through the door of Flirt interested in selling their pieces as well. Over time, Flirt grew to be a shop that was known for its unique and eclectic mix of clothing and accessories and its arsenal of local designers.




We Expanded!  

Space at our original shop was always an issue.  So many wonderful things and just not enough space!  So in the Fall of 2004, Flirt opened a second larger shop on Park Slope's then blossoming 5th Avenue. Over the next two years Flirt enjoyed enormous success in both Park Slope and Carroll Gardens and were working toward developing their website when fate intervened.



 The Perfect Space

Patti and Seryn had been looking for a design studio but hadn't found anything quite right. Then, one wintry evening in January of 2007, Seryn was driving down 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn when she saw a "For Rent" sign on a building. The space, a former machine shop, was far larger than they had been considering but there was one thing that this space would allow them to do that they never before could consider. On an almost daily basis at Flirt, inspired customers would ask, "Do you teach sewing classes?". This space would finally allow them to answer that question with a resounding, "Why yes! We do!"   Thus Home Ec was born. Now, this 2000sf space is home to all things creative. It is a design studio for the Flirt label, a teaching facility with a calendar of classes and an open studio where anyone can come to work on projects and get sewing tips. Not to mention, there's a trapeze hanging from the ceiling. . .